Often former spouses have a need to seek a change in the orders that were issued in the final divorce judgment.

Placer County Post Judgment ModificationsThe most common of these situations involve changes in child custody, child support, and spousal support. It is important to understand that in order to make the changes in court orders enforceable it is necessary to have a written agreement that is filed with the court and signed by a judge. A common mistake people make is to rely on a verbal agreement to modify child or spousal support. Disputes can arise, sometimes months or even years later, over the terms of the purported agreement. This can result in significant unpaid support arrears if an oral agreement to reduce support was never turned into a written court order.

Our office routinely assists clients in addressing the need for such changes. In cases in which both parties agree on the changes we can prepare an agreement and have it filed and processed by the court. For those situations in which the proposed changes remain in dispute, we can assist you in determining the best way to address the situation and help you in getting the matter resolved whether through effective negotiations or if necessary, through the action in the courts.

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