For divorcing couples who wish to avoid contested court proceedings Mediation and Collaborative Divorce offer two ways to resolve and settle even the most complex of divorces.

Placer County MediationMediation: In mediation the couple meets with an experienced Family Law Attorney who serves as an independent professional to assist the parties in reaching the agreements needed to conclude their case. The Mediator does not represent either party and therefore does not offer legal advice or strategies to either spouse but provides a professional setting and assistance to enable the parties to determine their individual interests that need to be addressed and to assist the parties to identify mutually acceptable ways to resolve their dispute and to successfully resolve the case.

Even if you and your spouse disagree on many, if not all of the issues in ending your marriage, Mediation can be an effective process in which mutually beneficial solutions are found that bring people to a successful resolution. Mediation is entirely voluntary and at any time either spouse can withdraw from Mediation and seek to resolve matters through the courts. In general, Mediation is usually less costly than a contested divorce which may require numerous time-consuming and stressful court appearances.

James S. Lazar is a trained Mediator who can provide mediation services to couples who wish to avoid going to court in resolving their divorce.

Collaborative Divorce: In situations in which both spouses want to reach an agreeable, out of court settlement and also feel that they should have the assistance of their own attorney at all stages of the process, Collaborative Divorce can be an effective way to accomplish these goals. In a Collaborative Divorce each spouse is represented by a Family Law attorney who is also trained and experienced in Collaborative Law. The parties and their attorneys commit to working with one another cooperatively and agree to avoid going to court to resolve disputes. To assist the spouses in the process, other professionals are often brought into the case to assist in resolving child custody and financial issues. These independent specialists are retained by both sides and their work is done on a neutral basis intended to aid both spouses in reaching the agreements needed to conclude the case.

As with Mediation the Collaborative process is entirely voluntary and at any time either party can withdraw from the process in order to seek a resolution through the courts. While a Collaborative Divorce is usually not as economical as Mediation, the process can cost less than a lengthy contested divorce and people who have completed their cases through the Collaborative process report that the experience was less stressful and more satisfactory than those going through contested divorces through the courts.

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